8 Must-Have Browser Extensions For Windows

Plainly surfing the web is so old-school. The best surfing experiences depend on browser extensions! It boosts the functionalities of the browsers by providing extra useful features which the browser makers did not develop.  

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To be able to maximize your online experience, we came up with a list of the best browser extensions you can use.  

uBlock Origin 

This free and open-source extension is a customer-friendly application which does not impose its own settings to the user. The main feature of uBlock Origin is to shut down pop-ups, kill unsafe links, and block banner ads. It makes your Internet surfing safer and hassle-free.  

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Data Saver 

Data Saver is perfect for those who have a data cap on their Internet usage. It is an add-on extension which compresses website data before displaying and sending its content to the users. It will save a large amount of data. Another useful feature which sets this apart is that users can also track the data they are consuming and saving at real time.  


Whenever printing out a page directly from the web, there might be unnecessary things which might be included such as navigation and ads. PrintFriendly assures you that it will eliminate all of that.  

Checker Plus For Gmail 

This browser extension is fit for students and working individuals. It enables you to view your newly received and inbox messages through the use of a side omnibar. This way, you won’t need to leave your current tab to check your Gmail.  Not only does it let you see your messages, but it also enables you to mark your message as read, send your drafted mail, or delete it.  

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Another good thing with Checker Plus is that it displays a desktop notification whenever there are Gmail transactions. This function is still enabled even if the Chrome window is not open.  


People nowadays are a sucker for downloading videos from the web. However, some people take time since they do not know where to go and how to do it. Using the third-party program of GetThemAll, it is now easier to find all the files on the Internet that are downloadable.  

Mouse Gestures 

If you are too lazy to click several times to complete a command, Mouse Gestures is a must-have for you. This application allows you to create mouse movements, which you will put on a cursor, that will automatically activate commands. For example, a circling movement will let you open a new window tab—those kinds of fantastic stuff.  


MailTag provides advantageous modifications to your Gmail account. It has an email tracking feature which informs you whether the recipient has already opened your message. It also shows real-time desktop alerts. Aside from this, there is also an email scheduling feature which helps you send emails on your set time. It is most fit for multi-timezone communication.  


If you are in need of an assistant which will help you control your browsing habits, HabitLab is for you. It deploys several series of interface intervention to increase work productivity. These interventions include hiding social media newsfeeds from your desktop, displaying a prompt which will show how much time you have spent on a particular website, and warning you before playing a long YouTube video.  

You can also set daily target goals on your maximum Internet use time. Aside from this, the application can also show you your real-time Internet consumption.  

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All of the browser extensions mentioned above are all free to download. Hence, if you’re up for a smooth-sailing surfing experience, make sure to download these must-have browser extensions. 

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