Windows 8 Or Windows 10: A Comprehensive Comparison

When Windows 10 was released three years ago, there was a lot of resistance from computer users. As always though, many die-hard fans do not want to jump instantly with the new operating system (OS) offered. However, there are rumors that Microsoft will end its support to the latest version of Windows 8.1 by the year 2023. If you have not yet switched to Windows 10, there is a large chance that you won’t be that safe with Windows 8 anymore.  


With all of these in mind, here is a comprehensive comparison of Windows 8 and Windows 10 to guide you.  

Start Menu 

A lot of people begged Microsoft to bring back the Start Menu in Windows 7. According to many reviewers, Windows 10 has a more effective Start Menu. Its Start Menu includes a list of the most used applications, games, and shortcuts of your computer. You can even find some of your most opened picture and document folders in this area!  


What’s good about this upgrade is that it retained the Start screen of Windows 8 which featured a resizable Live Tiles. This way, you can easily check your Calendar appointments and check unread emails.  


What users love about Windows 8 is its stability. Even though it was the greatest overhaul of the operating system since Windows 95, it is known to be bug-free and stable from start to finish.  

On the contrary, since its release, there had been numerous updates for Windows 10. The problem is that these updates cause various issues to the computer—accidental file deletions, crashes, different errors, and glitches. Hopefully, once the OS stabilizes, these problems can now be avoided.  

Features For Power Users 

Compared to Windows 8, Windows 10 is more desktop-friendly to power users since they offer the very first virtual desktops. This feature allows people to work with many applications at once. It looks like users have several screens which appear across multiple workspaces.  

Another advantage of Windows 10 is its improved Command Prompt. This tool allows the direct copying and pasting of commands to the computer, which was lacking in other Windows OS. Good thing the company was able to improve this aspect.  


One feature which can be found in Windows 10 but is not available in Windows 8 is the Cortana. It is Microsoft’s digital assistant which can engage conversations with users—something like a super-Siri.  


Just like a virtual assistant, they are used to search for files and launch applications easily. However, what’s unique about this tool is its ability to monitor the user’s behavior and track your interests. Once it has analyzed the data, it provides the best services to serve your needs. Examples of this include alerting you with your important meetings, automatically showing your weather reports every day, and drawing directions for you.  


According to users, Windows 8 is secure. It always eliminates the threat of various malware. It is also known to be the first Windows OS which installed built-in antivirus protection in the form of the Windows Defender.  

On the other hand, Windows 10 is also tightening security it as well with Secure Boot. It gives computer manufacturers the power to prevent buyers to disable the anti-virus feature. With this, there is little chance that there any malicious rootkit can enter the system. 


Another security option Windows 10 has is its new face and iris recognition. It is more convenient and more secure since nobody can steal anybody’s identification compare to just typing passwords.  

Overall, there are a lot of functions that Windows 10 has and Windows 8 cannot offer. Despite some troubles with the frequent updates, Windows 10 is definitely a better version of the past OS. It will satisfy everyone, from the most basic users to the workaholics and gamers, and everyone in between.  

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