List Of The Most Helpful Windows Apps That You Need To Have On Your PC

List Of The Most Helpful Windows Apps That You Need To Have On Your PC 

In this age of digital information, technology is increasingly being used to make things easier and faster. However, when it comes to the basic PC, the built-in applications carried by a Windows OS are often not that extensive. These are usually very simple and limited to a few functions only.  

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Hence, you would need to install a couple of other helpful Windows applications that would come in handy for your various needs and tasks. Here is a list of the useful apps that you may need to install in your PC to make life easier. 

Admin Matters 

  1. Mega – For your storage device, there is Dropbox with 2 GB free space and GDrive with 15 GB. But then, there’s Mega with 50 GB free cloud storage for you to enjoy. 
  2. Backblaze – This cheap alternative helps you back up your files and folders so they can be ready for recovery when you accidentally delete any of them.
  3. 7 Zip – This app helps you extract files from Windows directly and store them in separate folders as you wish. It is compatible with almost every format out there. 
  4. Ditto Clipboard – It allows you to keep a running history of everything you copied (text, images, code) and re-paste it whenever you want to. 
  5. PC Decrapifier – This app gives you information on device-critical applications that you need to keep and those that you can already delete as bloatware. 
  6. Wiztree – This one quickly shows you how much storage spaces your files, folders, and apps have been taking up on your hard drive so you can manage it better. 

Task Organizer 

  1. Wox – This one is an app launcher that helps you easily find files and folders scattered across your system. You may even search the web. 
  2. One Note – It allows you to make notes and synchronize it across all your devices. If you use the Web Clipper extension, you can save web pages too.  
  3. Todoist – It serves as your all-around organizer, with reminders of things to do every day. You can even set categories like groceries, travel, movies, and many more. 
  4. Wunderlist – It is a great place to plan and collaborate with your friends. It puts up reminders that help you work with others quickly and easily. 
  5. Flipboard – This one is a collection of all the news you need to know. It arranges articles according to subject area where you get to pick your favorite sources and topics. 
  6. Dashlane – This app takes note of all your passwords—PC, office email, personal mail, everything—so you do not need to worry about remembering them. 

Media Platforms 

  1. VLC – It is way better than Windows Media Player as it plays pretty much every media file you try on it. It also gives out high-quality video and audio outputs. 
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express – This one provides a quick way for you to edit raw photos, tweak and adjust colors, flip and rotate, and add filters, among others, to your gallery. 
  3. Handbrake – It gives you a fast way to edit and convert videos. You can pick from several presets that you could use to make short clips and movies. 
  4. Spotify – This one is a highly recommended music streaming app that is widely known and used as it is very much easier to navigate.  
  5. qBittorrent – It allows you to download free movies with its user-friendly and no-ads interface. It can store downloaded files separately, schedule downloads when you want, and shut down automatically after every download. 

These Windows applications provide you with a great utility that could help make things way easier than before. So take the time to read them up. Happy downloading! 

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