The Importance Of Windows Firewall

Perhaps a lot of people have seen Windows firewall on their computers, and some might ask about its functionality. Honestly, almost a considerable percentage of network computer users are turning the computer system off. But honestly, people shouldn’t do that. Well, it could be the last thing that people might have to consider when it comes to keeping their network devices safe from a lot of potentially damaging programs out there. But what precisely is the purpose of the windows firewall? Let’s try and understand it.



What Is Windows Firewall?

Windows firewall is Microsoft’s security application used in filtering data and packets that pass through the system of people’s networks. There are several different types of windows firewalls, depending on sophistication and functionality. All of them generally operate at the network level. But some operate at the application levels as well.

The Process Of Windows Firewall

Windows firewall becomes the initial contact point of several attacking programs. The idea of a firewall is taking pieces of packets that attempt to go in and out a network (good or bad). However, its primary purpose is to block the packets that seem to be potentially damaging for a network computer. Aside from that, it also prevents a server from any remote execution of malicious codes. These are bad data that enters a network when people open and run an unsafe program. Windows firewall can be both automatic and manual. Individuals can allow applications to go through their firewalls if they believe that some network access is not at all harmful.


An attacking program must first find a way to get all the way through around the firewall to get through the internet. That explains why a lot of firewall hardening techniques involve searching profoundly into the holes of all the open cyber ports. Windows firewall takes so much effort in closing down as many potentially vulnerable ports as much as possible. It only leaves those ports that support the programs or applications that individuals have to have open.

The Internet And The Struggle

Every network service has a different assigned port to communicate with people’s computers. Windows firewall is pretty much like a door. When people want it open, they can leave it like that and allow packets to come in often regardless of not knowing how it could affect a network system. But unless people shut it down and stop a program from sneaky activities, it may restrict outside connections as well.


Windows firewall is a vital security step that individuals should take to prevent any unauthorized access to their computer. Sometimes, even to hacking purposes to some extent as well. Therefore, it is crucial to enable it to better have additional network security. Yes, it bugs people due to some of its advanced features that often require a constant update. But it should not have to be a reason to turn it off. Windows firewall must stay on its alert level all the time to keep your computer and network data safe.


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