Must-Have Windows System Utilities

Utilities are little tools that allow people to experience convenience when using Windows. Not just on apps, but as well as the whole functioning system of a device or computer as well. Not everyone knows a lot about Windows compared to those people who use it all the time. Let’s say we all have different preferences. But for the sake of the discussion, the list of must-have utilities for Windows is right in this article.



People may use file explorer a lot. Say, the task requires opening multiple folders; it sometimes becomes a struggle for users. They will have to open the folder and run those files while leaving the exact folder they are in and try to look back in it again to get another file. The process seems quite endless at some point. With Groupy, it generates a tab within the whole window to allow users to group different apps altogether. The Windows version of the tabbed interface gets process by set. That is why Microsoft calls it “sets.” The goal of this tabbed interface is to allow users to have their own set of applications that they want to put in another interface. The whole point is just working on multiples tasks without the hassle of opening a separate window.


Share X

ShareX is a customizable, powerful screenshot for Windows. It is a free, lightweight, open-source program build-in Windows system. It contains advanced screen capture methods that support multiple resizable regions for the image. Users can upload files in the imager by just hitting the print screen on the computer keyboard. From there, users can drag around the cursor on the region they want and let go of the mouse. In a couple of seconds, the image is ready, and the file gets automatically uploaded, and users can use it instantly anywhere or whenever they want. Aside from that, ShareX also lets users do annotations and GIFS. It also supports screen recording functions and advanced workflow system.



It is a Windows-free utility that lives down on the system tray. There is not much configuration to do with it, which makes it an easy-to-manage app. It is a clipboard manager that helps users in their day-to-day computer use. Ditto allows users to save their clipboard history. Meaning, when users copy something and then try to copy something else on top of that, they can no longer worry about losing the first copy. Ditto allows them to reaccess it without a hassle. It is so convenient, and it does not take up any memory. If users need to, they can instantly search for the files they were doing, even if those were days ago. The Ditto clipboard manager allows users to stay on track with their tasks and save every single one of them for later use.

Windows is excellent at providing services. And for its utilities, these are the top things users must have. These utilities guarantee to give convenience and better computer functions for everyday tasks.

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