Websites You Should Never Visit

The internet is the home of a lot of information, especially during quarantine. Almost everyone has been seeking for knowledge on how to deal with quarantine life. It becomes a crazy playground that a lot of people of all ages enjoy. But for a big warning, there are websites that individuals should never consider visiting. Well, some sites may be safe for work, though. But there are those sites that merely are not appropriate to any circumstantial reasons at all. So again, you have been warned. Never visit these sites.



All things about this website are not all user-friendly. It appears to be the worst nightmare of those who love surfing the internet. There’s this whimsically scrolling text, full bold colored words, lots of clipart, retina-burning backgrounds, and too many flashing images. Everything in it doesn’t make sense. In unfortunate instances, starring at its homepage even for a couple of minutes gives you this nauseating feeling.


If you are the person who doesn’t like gross and disgusting stuff, then leave it here. It is a website that shows a morbid side of people’s curiosity. It collects information and images that leave the viewers with an unpleasant experience. There are pictures of dismemberment, drops of blood, severed wounds, and disembowelment. Categorically, it all gets gross.



If you’re not familiar with this website, let me introduce it. It’s a website that dares you to take a lollipop. It pretty much looks like it’s not going to do anything. But when you accept the candy, the problem starts there. Taking it means you’re sharing your Facebook details with the site. Then you’ll end up looking at a creepy corridor where it eventually introduces you to an even more disturbing guy browsing your Facebook. It was believed that he would ultimately find you and scare you in real life.


Fortunately, this website is one that you can find yourself not visiting at all. The reason for that is in its name. It is a website that makes you do just that – rating someone else’s poos and allowing them to rate yours as well. People take pictures of their excretory waste and upload it on the website to enable people to rate it from a scale of one to ten? It sounds pretty messed up.


For some people who believe too much on supernatural stuff, this website might fulfill that unseemingly undesirable eagerness of knowing the exact date of their death. It is this computer-generated program that claims to randomly respond and flash the accurate time of someone’s death. Though the information is typically useless, it claims that its prediction relies on the person’s desire for death. There’s optimistic, pessimistic, and sadistic.



It is a website that gets pretty dark because everything is available there. And if you are not careful of steering clear on it, you might end up seeing things you shouldn’t. Well, the website is not at all the culprit. However, the anonymity of the site has allowed stuff beyond anyone’s control. There are information and images of nude celebrity photos, brutal animal abuse, threats of violence, cyberbullying, and even child porn. It’s entirely sickening.

Save yourself. Please do not associate yourself with these websites.


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