3 Ways Technology Assists Researchers

Having a biochemist for a husband means that I sometimes need to accompany him to events like the 2019 Scientific Research Conference.

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How I have phrased that sentence makes me sound not too nice, I realize, but that is not the case. In reality, I am proud of my husband’s work. I love that his research helps people get the best treatment for themselves. Despite that, I am guilty of dozing off in such conferences since my techie self can’t relate much to a scientific discussion.

The only time I did not feel out of place was when a speaker said, “Technology is essential to researchers.” Hearing that turned me into an animated character as I sat on the edge of my chair, hanging onto every word spoken. I have never imagined talking about those fields in one sentence, but here I am, linking technology and research to each other.

These are several aspects that make technology helpful to researchers.

It Makes New Topics More Accessible
Back in the day, scientists used to visit libraries to figure out what the new research will be about. Cracking every book open can take hours or days, depending on how fast you come up with an idea.

With the presence of technology, though, there is no need to leave the house to search for new topics. You can even head straight to the academic papers on Google to know which studies you can continue or get inspiration from.

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It Allows Researchers To Tabulate Data Quickly
Being able to do the data tabulation manually is genius, but it also happens to be very difficult. You need to write everything down as you conduct the research. On top of that, there are many computations that you must do correctly.

All this can become effortless, though, when you open MS Excel and use the given formulas to gain results.

It Keeps Things Enjoyable At Work
Lab work is exciting, but writing a paper can be tedious. It sometimes helps researchers to become productive when they play music in the background.

These are only the fundamental uses of technology in research that prove how valuable the former is to the latter. The two are more connected to one another than you may realize. Feel free to look for other applications of technology in the scientific world anytime!

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