Free Digital Tools That Schools And Other Sectors Can Use During The Pandemic




With throngs of people now working online or remotely due to the coronavirus crisis, governments and other sectors everywhere are struggling to find digital tools that can help support remote team discussions, videoconferencing, and virtual chats, among others.

The scope and speed of the transformation have caused this to become an extraordinary feat for various companies, but particularly for small-scale businesses that have not yet sufficiently invested in online working technologies. Hospitals that are currently trying to manage the COVID-19 outbreak are looking for some kind of software that can enable medical teams to organize and administer better care. Schools are also fortifying their capacities in providing remote teaching after campuses and classrooms were ordered to close.

Due to the said changes, among others, digital software products and services have rapidly increased over the past months with their free tools, including free upgrades for long-term clients to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

Here are some of the digital tools and technologies that have been proven to offer help to schools and other sectors during the coronavirus pandemic.


Adobe is a software design and web conferencing tool that allows educational clients to acquire home access for teachers and students. The company is providing this software for free until May 30. It just created its web conferencing service, the Adobe Connect, which are aimed to reach businesses, government agencies, and schools for free as well.




The Appian is a low-code platform that helps deal with the health and safety of various employees without any charge. This is provided to those organizations that employ more than a thousand employees.


A tool that focuses on team collaboration and workflow, Atlassian’s leading products are now free for organizations of at least ten employees without any time limit. These products include the Confluence team collaboration offering and Jira Issue-and-Project tracking tool.

Automation Anywhere

Built obviously for workflow automation everywhere and anywhere, this tool launched a variety of free digital tools classified as bots that businesses can utilize to automate systems relating to data check or sending messages to employees through services like Telegram and WhatsApp.


Okta is a cloud identity company that was popularized for its Emergency Remote Work system, which provides new clients with free services for up to six months. These services include Okta Multi-Factor Authentication and Okta Single Sign-On. It also came up with a list of some of the most common online applications for document gathering, videoconferencing, and VPNs.


Staying connected to clients, partners, and employees are the main objective of this brand. SalesForce offers affordable (or free) packages for existing clients and is also accessible for free to non-customers for a certain time frame. Originally, SalesForce released its healthcare package, the SalesForce Care for Healthcare, which experienced an inflow of requests because of the current pandemic. It can now be availed without charge for up to six months, including access to SalesForce Shield for privacy and security, SalesForce Trailhead, and SalesForce Health Cloud.



Mail Chimp

Up until the end of May, Mail Chimp offers small-scale businesses with five-year custom domains for free to aid brick-and-mortar companies to shift to the online platform. This promo can be availed to new as well as existing Mail Chimp clients and is also valid to those with domains worth $25 annually. Qualified users can get these free built-in guides to help them create and publish in various sites.


This digital tech company released Websites + Marketing Free, a free bundle of software applications that can assist in building websites as well as improving marketing strategies. This is a free version of the original Go Daddy app that was introduced in September last year. Apparently, it was supposed to release its free version in the fourth quarter of 2020 but was moved to an earlier date in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. This software provides you with an option to publish a webpage with multiple pages as well as email marketing, SSL, social media tools, and Paypal.





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