My Quarantine Life

The world practically stopped and changed into the ‘new normal’ quarantine life. Then we created a group chat.


Living Through Isolation During Quarantine Life And Getting Through The Pandemic Times

It was our way of remaining connected during this inevitable house isolation considering we were no longer supposed to meet and have fun due to mandatory social distancing. This was one of the best ways how hope we overcame quarantine life in isolation.

Living In Isolation

What is isolating like? What was my life?

Of course, the same conversations revolved around coronavirus – and how people lived in isolated quarantine life and spend time alone. One of my friends left his project site and flew home to his hometown with only a population of 300 to reduce his chances of having COVID-19. I had no idea how he could catch it when we were both IT people working from our homes. Life in quarantine was anticipating us.

Isolation And COVID

My days during my quarantine life were not as awful as I imagined. Every morning while listening to a song, I would have breakfast on my balcony.  I would take a shower, puts on my favorite pajamas, and start working. The only time I would check and get up was around four o’clock when my shift was over – that was practically my world in isolation.

One poignant yet relevant detail about our healthcare system and medical history tracks during the pandemic news was that we weren’t ready. Society struggles against the pandemic every day, especially with the rampant wildfire of new and untested treatments.


Quarantine Life

Getting Productive

I preferred isolating or putting myself in isolation more than seeing my coworkers on my quarantine life. During the crazy pandemic, amidst quarantine life, I got to get my groceries and do my laundry in the mornings again. My life was really not as depressing as it should be. Being in isolation actually helped me become more responsible.

I Had COVID-19: The Time I Dreaded Isolation

When in my past did I ever feel scared of being alone? It happened around the fourth quarter of 2020. My mother insisted that I should come home for the occasion, but then I told her I’d stay behind.


Quarantine Life

The thing was, I contracted the coronavirus three days before Thanksgiving. I could not pinpoint where I got it.

It could be at the grocery store, at the park where I began jogging, or even in the hallway of my apartment. I couldn’t be sure. What was sure was that I had to do self-isolation and adjust to isolation. I need to release the stress inside.

There Is A First Time For Everything

That was the first time I dreaded isolation during my quarantine life. The first few days of isolation were bearable, but the more days passed, the more I had difficulty breathing. And it did not help that my act of fever was on and off for over weeks.

When I Survived The Isolation During The Pandemic

If I went past seven days alone, I might have called 911 to take me to a hospital so that I won’t feel too lonely. Luckily, on the eighth day, I began to smile because I heard people yelling my name from the street.

When I peered down, I could not help but cry as I saw all my friends looking up at my balcony.


Quarantine Life

My Friends Helped Me With My Isolation And Made It Better

Did they come up to keep me company for the rest of my quarantining? Of course not. There was still no vaccination at the time so society battles the unknown; none of them could have some protection against the coronavirus. All they could do was relate and stand in front of my apartment building and yell words of encouragement at me.

Shifting My Misery To Happiness

Did their antics help? Yes, a lot. My friends gave me something to look forward to every day. That was incredibly important, considering they were technically my family in the big city. Just seeing their even familiar face and hearing people’s voices made me want to get better quickly from isolation.

Something big like the current (and future pandemics) really regularly teaches us to treasure what we have. This is what we don’t get to learn from an academic book on social history or Victorian literature courses. It’s something that we have to figure out ourselves. So we can live peacefully.

Final Thoughts

I was the only one to contract the coronavirus in our little group. I felt thankful for that since I did not want my best friends to go through the same ordeal. And last March 2021, we all got fully vaccinated together and waited for april to come so we can have a summer get together.


What are the hopes and lessons that quarantine has taught you?

What did you do at home during quarantine period?

What is the greatest life lesson this pandemic has made you realize so far?

What are the three things that you learn during the quarantine period?

How do you survive quarantine alone?

How can you help someone in quarantine?

What the pandemic has taught us about work?

What the pandemic has taught us about work?

What has the pandemic taught us about healthcare?

What can you say about pandemic Covid-19?

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