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Concerned the safety of your data? With this tool, you can password-protect and encrypt your files and folders so no one can access them. This tool works great for protecting data better than any other firewall, anti-spyware and folder-lock solutions.

Compare Wincry and discover why it’s the best in town!

DO YOU KNOW….? that there are many free downloadable easy tools to recover passwords used to hide your files with  Winzip, Winrar or Windows Encrypted Folder?

This is not possible with Wincry! Also using a brutal attack, the powerest computer would need thousands of years to crack the password.


DO YOU KNOW….? That many other Encryption software is for skilled users expert in encryption algorithm?

Wincry is the easiest tool. Just drag and drop the file into the safe container and lock with your password

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WINCRY SECURE MAIL is the Wincry version dedicated to all those groups who need to exchange e-mails in total security. Fully integrated with Microsoft Windows and Outlook®. Just click the Wincry button. Write your message, put your password and send it. Wincry encrypts text, subject, and file enclosed into a single packed file. Then outlook sends it to all required recipients as an attachment.

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The recipients receive the e-mail as either normal Outlook message or using any other Mail Client or WebMail. They can un-encrypt text, subject, and files only if they own their Wincry copy with the same sender’s key and using the same password.

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